The Pit Stop

August 4, 2007 4:52 PM

Kahne's talks with Budweiser confirmed

Budweiser has found a new hood for the 2008 seeason: the 9 car of Kasey Kahne. According to several reports, Ray Evernham has already signed a contract with the company that currently sponsors the 8 car of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dodge, the current sponsor of both Evernham cars, has announced that they will have no problems moving from the hood of the Kahne's car to make room for Budweiser.

An announcement should be coming in the next few weeks.

But Budweiser aren't the only ones forming a relationship with Kahne. He has been in talks with Paris Hilton. According to and the Daily News, Kahne met the jailbird hotel heiress, where else but a Hollywood club last week while he was in town doing promotions for the California Speedway.

"The two of them chatted for a while," a source told the Daily News," and before they parted ways for the night, she leaned in and whispered 'God, you're cute,' and kissed him!"

It may only be a matter of time before we see Paris on pit road and on top of Kahne's pit box. Hey, at least she's cuter than those Allstate girls.

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