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August 15, 2007 1:41 PM

Kenny Wallace leaves Furniture Row Racing

Kenny Wallace has stepped down as the driver of the number 78 Furniture Row Chevrolet. He released a statement on his website.

"I want all my fans to know that I am going to give them a very personal retrospective of the way I feel about not driving the #78 any more.

Two years a ago I was asked to come to Denver, CO and visit the Furniture Row shop. When I arrived, there was not even a Cup car ready to race, so from that standpoint I am proud that I was able to bring the Furniture Row race team to where it is today.

I have a lot of confidence in my ability and the #78 team has a lot of confidence in their ability. We have got to a point in the NASCAR Nextel Cup season that I can sense the aggravation for the teams outside the top 35 in points. I truly want everybody to know that although I know it hurts a lot of my fans, that I am relieved. The week-to-week pressure of trying to make the race is very grinding, and I also felt that if the team feels like there is a change to be made, it was fine with me. I really, really feel this way. I am not lying! Like I always remind everybody I am a racecar driver to go to these races and not be able to compete was very, very hard on me.

I will take time to let everyone know in the NASCAR circuit that I would like to drive in either the NASCAR Busch Series, Nextel Cup Series or even the Craftsman Truck Series. I would also like to let everybody know that while I wait for another NASCAR ride you can probably find me at your local dirt track racing. I really want everybody to know that our team manager, Joe Garrone, and our team owner, Barney Visser, have been really good to me and that the decision to try another driver was based upon more or so the crew members within the team this is what I was told by Joe Garrone. Joe is a good guy and has always been very supportive of me.

I want to thank my personal sponsors JEG'S, Bank of America, and everybody at Speed TV.

I will end like this: Never fold your tent. For a face-to-face interview, I will be on NASCAR Raceday this Sunday. Please watch."

Scott Wimmer will be in the car this weekend at Michigan and Sterling Marlin will be behind the wheel at Bristol but the team has not announced a full time driver for next year. The young and upstart Furniture Row Racing is looking to expand to a two team operation next year. It could be a good fit for Joe Nemechek, who was released by Ginn Racing earlier this year.

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