The Pit Stop

August 21, 2007 1:10 PM

Kurt Busch finally wins race in Michigan.

After a couple days of rainy weather the drivers were finally got to racing on a foggy morning in Michigan.  The crowd in the stands was sparse in spots, but heavy by the start/finish line.  The fog was so bad though that after 10 laps under a green/yellow condition the red flag came out to let the fog lift out.  Jeff Gordon called it an “unusual situation.”  Cars under the green/yellow condition were moved up to 100MPH from a typical 65MPH.

After 32 minutes of red flag time real racing started.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. started in the back do a transmission change rocketed up the field.  By lap 82 he was in the top ten.  Other cars making some big moves forward in the first half of the race were Tony Stewart and Brian Vickers.

Not many cautions in the first half of race after green flag racing occurred.  Juan Pablo Montoya brought out one at lap 15 as he spun out, Lap 88 for Mark Martin for a loose oil line, and lap 93 for Michael Waltrip and his spin.  A competition yellow did come out at lap 30.

The last half of the race went big time green flag through two green flag pit stops.  On the last green flag pit stops Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman were forced by NASCAR to make an attempt to fix the air deflector on the back window.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. blew his pits stall ruining a good pit stop.

With 25 laps to go a debris caution comes out killing a 4.6 second lead for Kurt Busch.  Most of the cars on the lead lap pit for only two tires, but Kurt Busch and Jeff Gordon stay out.

At the drop of the green flag Jeff Gordon starts to fall back after a couple laps as not taking fresh tires hurts him. He also complains about a bad tire.  With 10 laps left Matt Kenseth helps spin out Jeff Gordon.  Gordon got stuck in the mud long enough to put him a lap down.

The green flag drops and Kurt Busch got a good restart as Jimmy Johnson and Martin Truex Jr., had a short battle for second place.  With two laps one more caution came out for the spinning car of Greg Biffle.

On the final restart Kurt Busch got a great restart and the win of the race.

“Kurt did an awesome job on every restart”, said Pat Tryson who is the crew chief for Kurt Busch.

“It was tough,” said Kurt Busch on older tires at the end of the race.  He also stated that this race backed up what he did in Pocono.

Martin Truex Jr. stated that at the end of the race the clutch in his car broke.  He finished second.

“Just did not have enough time,” said Jimmy Johnson who finished in third.

Dale Jr. said that his pit stop problem at the end of the race probably cost him five spots.  He completed the race in twelfth.

“Started off way tight,” said Jeff Gordon.  He stated that it was his fault with what happened with Matt Kenseth.  He finished in 27th spot.

In points Denny Hamlin closes in Jeff Gordon and his lead.  Denny is now only 276 points behind Gordon.  In the chase for the final chase spot Kurt Busch pushes his lead over the new driver who is thirteenth in points Dale Earnhardt Jr. to 163 points.

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