The Pit Stop

August 5, 2007 9:27 AM

My thoughts on what Robby Gordon did.

Lets recap the mayhem first:

Robby Gordon made the pass of Marcos Ambrose for the lead with four laps to go just as a massive pile up of cars occurred on turn two of the race track that brought out the caution flag. Marcos spins him out. Robby still thinking he was the leader of the race got right behind Marcos bumping him in the rear. NASCAR tells Robby to get behind Ron Fellows or get black-flagged. He does not follow NASCAR. The green/white checker finish comes out and Robby spins out Marcos. Kevin Harvick is the legit leader at this time, Robby Gordon though finishes all rest the laps ahead of Kevin Harvick who wins the race.

After the race Robby says he is going to appeal this victory. I say let him appeal, but he is not going to win this appeal imo. I do think he does have a legit gripe over his position on the racetrack though, but the rules are not in his favor.

NASCAR rules state that even during a caution flag a car has to maintain a certain speed on the racetrack which he did not do and is why he had to be behind Ron Fellows. I agree with that NASCAR rule. He disrespected those rules and that is a complete no-no.

Robby did a stupid thing and it cost Marcos Ambrose a shot for the win of the race. He needs to apologize to him for his actions. Robby also needs to get some severe penalties as well.

I think he is going to lose at least 50 championship points, get on probation for the rest of the year, and get a 50 grand fine for his stupid actions out on the racetrack. They already parked him for at least the Pennsylvania 500 race today and that is a good think. Not surprised by the move at all. I would not be surprised if he got suspended for more races this year.

If I had my way Robby Gordon would have had second place even though it is against NASCAR rules, if he bumped Marcos like he did after the drop of the green flag he would have been parked for the rest of the race. No way will I accept filthy driving like that.

I want to know from the readers here what would have done in the wacky circumstance? Where would you have placed Robby Gordon? What would you have done with him if he had bumped Marcos like he did? What penalties would you throw out at him?

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