The Pit Stop

August 4, 2007 1:16 PM

Napa Auto Parts 200 Qualifying notes....

Qualifying for this race is done in packs of cars, usually five at a time, with only a nine minute time limit.

Patrick Carpentier in the final group took the poll with a speed of 95.221 MPH.   "It's fantastic," he said.

Ron Fellows stated that he took one more lap than he wanted to.  He will start third.

Boris Said who qualified in fourth stated he thought he should have gone one more lap but did not want to put any extra heat into the breaks.

Scott Pruett stated he was  moving from fourth gear down to first and then "the thing just died."  The crew chief for the car Brad Parrot stated all the have to do if flick a switch on the car to fix the problem. This will let him keep his fifth place starting spot.

"We picked up a lot from practice," said Ron Hornaday. He will start sixth.

Robby Gordon who went out in the first pack stated that he wanted to qualify in the top ten.  He qualified in 11th though.

"My gloves aren't holding up," said Carl Edwards.  "The breaks are the biggest issue."  The points leader starts 15th.

"Its been short and sweet," said Jason Leffer on his win.  He is going to start in the back due to crashing a car earlier in the week.

David Ragan stated that car is a little better then he is.

David Reutimann stated that he still has a lot to learn.

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