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August 16, 2007 4:28 PM

NASCAR In Primetime show one recap.

I liked the new ABC NASCAR related show NASCAR: In Primetime. The show starts off in March of 2007 around the time of the Kobalt Tools 500, race dour this year, where Mark Martin is in the lead of the points. The first show focuses on three drivers Johnny Sauter, Mark Martin, Juan Pablo Montoya.

They do not spend a lot of time with Johnny Sauter. He talks about his dad James Sauter that used to racecars. During the Kobalt Tools race they mostly show him griping about his racecar. His air conditioning is not working in his car.

With Juan Pablo Montoya they did not spend much time with him as well, more time was spent on his wife Connie and his kids in the big trailer with the TV on, Trackpass on, and the NEXTEL Fanview device on as well. Showed a lot of her emotions while watching the race.

With Mark Martin they mainly were showcasing him thinking out taking a week off from racing. Spending some time with people that he does not get to spend much time with. They showed him in a workout scene as well.

The show was nicely shot and pieced together. They went through sections of the race including some of the wrecks. Showcased where the drivers position wise were at parts of the race, etc...

Also getting some airtime on this show were a few celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, some NASCAR reporters such as Jenna Fryer, and fans who got the most airtime. They fans wound saying if they liked Juan Pablo Montoya, what they liked about the sport, etc....

If you missed the first episode though, you did not miss much though.

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