The Pit Stop

August 4, 2007 6:44 PM

Wild and controversial finish to race at Montreal.

The Busch Series goes north of the border for the first time ever in Montreal for the Napa Auto Parts 200. Patrick Carpentier from Canada won the poll for this race.

“Great to be a apart of this,” said Carl Edwards to be racing at this track for the first time. Patrick Carpentier stated that he did not know if he wanted to be the rabbit or not.

The first two turns on lap one went caution free

At lap 10 the bulk of the lead cars started to pitted for the first time. After the pit stops occur Scott Pruett had the lead of the race with Marcos Ambrose in second.

On lap 27 Carl Edwards made his way into the garage to fix his car. “A bracket broke off the chassis,” said Edwards. He stated it was the truck arm that was broke.

At lap 30 the first caution came out for the smoking car of Alex Garcia. Under the yellow Steven Wallace winds up in the wall at exit of pit road. At the drop of the green flag Marcos Abrose had the lead of the race.

The second caution came out for Steven Wallace on lap 35 as his car blew up. “Motor ran out of water,” said Steven. “Our car was really fast.” He also stated that he is the most unlucky person.

At the drop of the green flag on lap 40 Patrick Carpentier was in the lead with a couple of other cars that did not pit that last time around.

At lap 45 Niclas Jonsson took the lead of the race. In a couple of laps he pitted and wound with a catch can penalty.

With 25 laps to go Marcos Ambrose was in the lead of the race. With 18 laps to go Jorge Goeters spins out and hits the wall, no caution comes out, and around one lap latter he does it again and brings out caution three on the day.

With 14 laps to go the green flag drops with Marcos Ambrose leading the race, Scott Pruett is in second, and Ron Fellows in third. Four laps latter Marcos leads Scott by just over 1 second.

A couple laps later Scott Pruett still in second spins out, Ron Fellows goes real wide to miss Scott and then Robby Gordon comes up from behind and passes Ron for second. Then the caution comes out for oil out on the racetrack.

“Fortunately we lost the motor,” said Boris Said.

With four laps left the green flag dropped. Marcos got a fair restart. Behind Marcos Ambrose in turn two, Kevin Harvick slaps into Scott Pruett with a bunch of other cars including Scott Wimmer and Ron Fellows spinning out at all to bring out the caution. Right before the caution came out Robby Gordon passed Marcos for the lead, but Marcos spun him out. A not so happy Robby Gordon came back up behind Marcos and gave him a small tap from behind. NASCAR told Gordon to get behind Fellows or wind up getting black-flagged. Gordon did not do it and the start of the green/white checker occurred.

The green flag dropped and Gordon punts Ambros giving Kevin Harvick the lead of the race. Patrick Carpantier moves into second, but could not pass Harvick who goes onto win the race.

“Man did it get rough”, said Harvick. He also stated it was getting was getting Martinsville rough, that he hated the deal with Scott Pruett, and that he was tight all day.

“I completed all the laps,” said Robby Gordon. “We will appeal.” “I won the race,” he said.

“I’m not bad, just disappointed,” said Marcos.

In unofficial standings a this point of time Carl Edwards who finished in 30th still leads David Reutimann by 787 points. Harvick jumps back into third 919 points back.

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