The Pit Stop

August 11, 2007 12:21 AM

Zippo 200 At The Glen qualifying notes...

Qualifying for this race was mainly in groups of four cars at a time with only 5 minutes to get in a fastest lap.  They had one group with five cars in it

Kurt Busch takes another poll at the race track.  "Its going to be a lot of fun out there," Kurt stated.

Also on the front row is Juan Pablo Montoya.

Bobby Hamilton Jr. stated that he went as fast he could go for three laps.

Robby Gordon said he can put the Verizon Fusion in victory lane said Robby Gordon.  He is going to start fourth.

"Yeah its okay," Patrick Carpentier.  "Got a little loose in the end."  He will start  21st today."Got to stay out of trouble," said Ron Fellows.  He stated that he has some work to do.  Ron will start 14th today.

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