The Pit Stop

September 22, 2007 5:21 PM

A sick Denny Hamlin wins the race.

A pair of Busch Whackers, Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards, were on the front row for the 200 race from Dover.  Denny Hamlin was in the infield care center earlier today to get some fluids in his system.  Kyle Busch was called in as a backup driver, but was not used in the race.

The first 50 laps of the race had loads of cautions and not much of green flag runs.  Lap five saw one for a David Ragan Spin.  Stanton Barret had nowhere to go and got some damage.

Lap nine saw a big wreck that started off with Landon Cassill hitting the wall and then hitting Brad Coleman.  Brad spins out and getting involved in the wreck was Brad Sherman, Scott Wimmer, Matt Kenseth and Chase Miller.  Brad Coleman stated that Landon hit the wall and then hit him.

Around lap 18 Stepen Leicht blows and engine and the caution does not come out.  A couple of laps later Jamie McMurray crashes.  “May be some oil,” said Jamie.  He also stated that he thought he was hit.

Lap 38 saw a caution for a Tim McCreadie spin which brought the leaders in to the pit for the first time today.  Lap 48 saw a Danny Efland spin for a caution.

The next 50 laps saw only a couple cautions.  Lap 57 saw a caution by Tony Raines who smashed the wall really hard with a tiny bit of help from Robby Gordon.  Over the radio a spotter for Tony says, “He (Robby) did it on purpose.”  That made Tony mad and he launched his helmet at Robby Gordon’s car.  A pissed off Tony stated that the video showed proof of what caused the wreck and called Robby Gordon an ”idiot.”

This finally caused a the first good green flag run that only lasted until lap 93 until Robby Gordon spun out.  “I just lost it,” said Robby Gordon.  When asked about the earlier wreck with Tony he said he was 100% at fault and that he “just misjudged him.”

The first 100 laps of the race saw Denny Hamlin as the class of the field in the top five and leading a whole bunch of laps.  A bunch more cautions came out in the next 50 laps.

With 94 laps to go Kelly Bires and Kyle Krisiloff get together.  20 more laps go by and Kyle brings out another caution that brought in the leaders.  At the drop of the green flag Jason Leffler and Richard Johns crash out.  Jason said that he had a top five car and that Richard Johns did not have the “credentials to in the Busch Series.”

The next caution comes out with 58 laps left as Scott Wimmer spins out with a tiny bit of help from Brad Keselowski. Wimmer stated that he thought he gave Brad enough room.

The final fifty laps saw even more caution time.  With 35 laps to go Donny Neuenberger spins out, getting some damage was Carl Edwards.  Most of the cars on the lead lap including Denny Hamlin pitted leaving Martin Truex Jr. who did not pit in the lead of the race.

A.J. Allmendinger spins out with 30 laps to go.  This was the thirteenth and record tying caution for this race.   With 18 laps to go Denny Hamlin made his way back into second place. In three more laps Denny has the lead of the race back and was busting out a good lead on his way to the win of the race.

“I need a nap,” said Denny Hamlin.  He stated the he hated to risk tomorrow, but did not think that did.  Denny also said that his car was good all day long.

“Tight all day,” said Martin Truex Jr.  He finished in second place.

Matt Kenseth who finished in third place stated that his car was not that good.

In points Carl Edwards increases his lead over David Reutimann to 754 points.  Kevin Harvick who does not race today fall back to third place 888 points behind Carl.

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