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September 7, 2007 9:41 PM

Kyle dominates at Richmond

Busch Series drivers are the action track in Richmond for 250 laps of action on a Friday night.  Kyle Busch took the poll earlier in the day.

The start of race went from bad to worse for David Reutimann.  He blew a tire that left enough debris that brought out the caution on lap 9.  He spun out in qualifying earlier in the day and killed the tires he started with.

The second caution came out for Kevin Conway who spun out on lap 35.  Kyle Busch had been leading most of the way until this point of time and all the cars on the lead lap came in to pit.  Kevin Harvick would up getting a penalty for running over equipment on pit road.

After the green flag dropped a long green flag run with Kyle Busch in the lead with Matt Kenseth stuck in second place lasted until lap 119 when John Graham spun out and hit the wall.  By that time around 15 cars were left on the lead lap with Both David Reutimann and Kevin Harvick 2 laps down and way back in the standings.

The green flag dropped with Kyle Busch still in the lead with Matt Kenseth in second.  It took until lap 142 until Matt finally passed Kyle.

With 91 laps to go Paul Menard spins out right in front of the leader Matt Kenseth who also spun out and quickly got restarted and fell back to fourth.  All the cars come in for some tires and fuel.  Kyle Busch led the cars off pit road with Carl Edwards in second.

The next caution came out for David Regan around lap 186.  He wound up stopping his car on the track to make sure the caution came out, but NASCAR did not like that at all and wound up black flagging him.

With 55 laps to go Brad Keselowski crash that causes some heavy damage to his car.  Kyle Busch is still leading the race at this point of time.

With 40 laps to go Kyle is in first, Carl is in second, and Matt is in third.  With 20 laps to go nothing changed at the top of the standings.  With 15 laps to go A. J. Allmendinger spins out for the late caution.  Some of the cars on the lead lap come in for tires including Matt Kenseth.  Kyle Busch stays out, but complains that the right rear tire is going down.

The green flag drop with nine laps to go.  Kyle got a good restart, but Carl Edwards did not and lost second place to Ryan Newamn.  A couple laps go by and Carl is back to second.  With five to go Derrike Cope blows up and the caution comes out.  This one brought out the red flag with three laps to go.

The green/white checker finish waves and Kyle gets another good start and takes another Busch Series win.  He dominated the race leading for 227 laps. Only Mike Wallace and Matt Kenseth led laps.

Kyle in victory lane said that Matt was the car to beat tonight.

In points Carl Edwards was finally able to get some extra distance between him and the second place driver in the points Kevin Harvick. He now leads him by 733 points.  David Reutimann is still third place in the points.

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