The Pit Stop

September 3, 2007 11:39 PM

Oh Boy, Could This Really Happen?

I was just thinking about Dale Jr's chances of getting into the Chase, and to be honest with you it doesn't look that good.  He is 128 points behind Kevin Harvick for 12th and Richmond is one of Harvick's better tracks (1 win, 6 top 10's, 0 DNF's, and an average finish of 12.9), so I don't see Jr making it at Harvick's expense and that just means he has to hope that either Truex or Busch falters, which I don't see happening either.

 OK, so let's accept the fact that Jr probably won't be in the Chase, so what happens now?  He now becomes a 'lame duck' driver for DEI - he isn't in the Chase and the best they can do is 11th - and what will DEI do with a 'lame duck' driver?  Roast him of course.  I wouldn't be surprised if DEI decided to look into 2008 with the 8 car and start putting other drivers into the car (provided the sponsors approve, but they are lame duck sponsors too).  You know ,Budweiser might just back out for a race or two and let next year's sponsors have a crack at the car with their new driver(s).

Can you picture Aric Almirola in the 8 car?  Or Mark Martin?  Or how about Regan Smith?  You better, because it just might happen.

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