The Pit Stop

September 7, 2007 4:30 PM

Ricky Rudd, Major AT&T news and more...

In major AT&T lawsuit news, the AT&T logo is going to be back on the #31 Chevrolet driven by Jeff Burton. Detail of deal is not known at this point of time. Now NASCAR is saying they want to give RCR and Jeff Burton an appropriate time to get a new sponsor.

This AP article says that AT&T as a sponsor is gone at the end of 2008 they have to leave the cup series for good.

Jimmy Johnson wins the poll for the Rock and Roll 400.  He went out early and was able to hold his qualifying time. He stated after his qualifying that he was surprised about his time and after the last car qualified he stated that he was worried that his time would not hold up.  Hendrick cars occupy the top three sports in the field.

ESPN Reports that sources say that Robert Yates is going to be stepping down and letting his son run the company. They article also says that Travis Kvaphil that currently drives in the truck series is going to replace Ricky Rudd in the 88 car.

Ricky Rudd says that he is not sure if he is going to race again in 2007.

Fine-tuning might be possible for the restrictor plate for the October Talladega race.

Dale Jr. is going to be opening a nightclub called Wisky River.

GM continues a partnership with Hendrick Motorsports.

NASCAR Now Notes:

Marty Smith says that Chip Gnassi is not going to renew the contract for driver David Stremme. Sponsorship problems to blame.

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