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October 29, 2007 4:23 PM

Water In Gas, Nationwide, Ratings news, and more....

In some major news concerning the Denny Hamlin, Dave Blaney and other drivers it looks like water was found in the gas of cars driving in the race on Sunday. Another article on this as well. Water in the car can easily kill fuel mileage.

Under a plan being considered by NASCAR starting with the 2009 Nationwide series they are going throw out for most or all Sprint Cup drivers that race in the series. They still would be be eligible for the prize money though.

The Penske group is considering a plan that NASCAR says is legal that will transfer the points of the Kurt Busch car over to Sam Hornish Jr. so that he would be locked into the first five races of 2008.

Jeff Wyler and Michael Gaughan who own teams in the truck series have merged and are going to attempt at least 6 Sprint Cup races in 2008.

The overnight ratings are in for the Sunday race and they are not pretty at all. The 3.5 rating is 16.7% below the 4.2 rating the race got last year.

Jimmy Johnson wins 343,861 for the Atlanta race. With all the people he got behind him to donate money over 1.3 million is going to be donated for the California fire victims.

NASCAR Now notes:

Angelique Chengelis says that Penske Racing has signed a multi-year extension.

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