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November 6, 2007 6:38 PM

Comments on the NASCAR Now Show...

Today had a special NASCAR Now show with Marty Smith, David Poole, and Jeff Burton.  It looked changes that could be made to NASCAR including length of schedule, length of races, distribution of points, etc....

Marty said he wanted a 28 race season with a four-race chase and end it right around the start of the NFL season.  Jeff said 36 races is enough.  David was not too happy on Marty's idea.

Jeff Burton said that some races need to be shortened like the Pocono races.  Marty agreed.

Jeff Burton said he wanted a top 40 rule.

A proposed points system was displayed where the race is cut into quarters where in quarters 1-3 20% of the points and purse are handed out in each quarter.  The last quarter has 40% of the purse and points handed out.

Jeff Burton did not like this ideas at all.  David stated his points system where you get 500 bonus points for your first win.


Some of my thoughts:

I agree on shortening some of the races, at least the Pocono races down to 400 miles.

David and the proposed idea on the show for the points system are junk.  I do not think any system is perfect.

Maybe a top 40 rule is the way to go,  Just going to have to try it out.

Cutting a race or two from the schedule would be nice, but I do not think it is ever going to be done.  No way do we need more than 36 races.   The 28 race season Marty talked about was not something I fully liked, but the NFL is king in the ratings and not something you can easily beat.

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