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December 18, 2007 6:00 PM

Autosport Really Blows The Fat One Big Time.....

this year when they came out with the list they have of the top 50 drivers in the whole world for 2007.  This is a British publication that covers more types of racing that I do not get to see at all.

In the top 50 only three, yes three full time NASCAR drivers made the list plus Sam Hornish Jr. and Dario Franchitti who are both making their move to NASCAR in 2008.

The best a NASCAR driver did was 20th!!!  Jimmy Johnson who wins the championship and had a four race win streak can only muser a 20th place spot in 2007.  Are they NUTS!?!?!?

The other full time drivers getting noticed was Jeff Gordon in 25th and Matt Kenseth all the way down in 36th spot.

Dario got sixth place and Sam got  42nd spot on the list.

One NASCAR driver that should have been on the list was Carl Edwards imo.  He won the Busch Series and finished 9th in Nextel cup.  Maybe they did not like his second half of his Busch Series run, just guessing.

In the top 20 included 12 F-1 drivers!?!?!?! That is more than half the field that usually starts the race.  Jenson Button who was 15th in the F-1 points gets 6th place!?!?!?!?!  That is like being 35th place in NASCAR.  How can all those F-1 drivers be better than any one NASCAR driver????

Autosport should be ashamed that this list even got out.  It is one complete total joke!!

To see the full list click me.

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