The Pit Stop

January 8, 2008 5:48 PM

2008 Nationwide Series pre season driver preview part 3.

In bold letters are car number, then the driver, model of car and finally the owner of the car.

10—Dave Blaney—Toyota—Braun Racing

This car may not go a full season. He had 23 starts last season with six top ten finishes. I think he can get at least five top ten finishes and race at least 20 times in the car. Should finish 17-22nd in the points.

11—Jason Keller—Chevrolet—CJM racing

Another car that could go only part of the season. Keller raced 21 times in 2007 and finished 26th in the points. I think he gets in around 23 races in 2007 and finishes 21-25th in the points. He will get five top ten finishes.

18 & 20—Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart, Joey Lagano, Denny Hamlin—Toyota—Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs looks to fill two cars next year with new star Joey Lagano going full time in May after he turns 18. Do not expect much out of him, he could get a top ten or two. Kyle Busch expects to run at least 20 races I guess in the 18 car. Last season he won four times in 19 stars. I think he can easily get a win or two in a Toyota in the Nationwide series. Denny Hamlin is going to a few starts in one of these cars. I say no wins for him, but at least one top ten finish. Tony Stewart will also be in some races in one of these cars. I also say no wins for him, but at least one top ten finish.

21—Kevin Harvick, Bobby Labonte, Scott Wimmer, and possibly others—Chevrolet—Richard Childress Racing

Bobby will be in this car for fifteen races in this car. Do not know how many races other drivers get in this car. Bobby, in 2007, did get one win in 19 starts. I think he gets a win in this car in 2008. If it goes the full season it can rack up 9-14th place in the owners points..

22—Mike Bliss—Dodge--Fitz Motorsports

Raced only 24 times in 2007 with eight top ten finishes and finished 21st in the points. If he can pull together a full season he can finish 8-13h place in the points at the end of the year with at least ten top ten finishes.

35 or 25—Bobby Hamilton Jr.—Ford—Ed Resni

Is going to attempt to run a full season in either one of these cars. Finished sixth place in the points in 2007 with only three top ten finishes. I think he can get a couple extra top ten finishes in 2008, but still only stay 6-9th place in the points if he can go a full season.

27—Brad Coleman—Ford--Baker Curb Racing

Brad Moves over into this car that finished 23rd in points with only a couple top ten finishes. Brad raced around a half a season with a few top ten finishes. I think he is the driver the team needs. They get at least five top ten finishes and wind up 11-15th in points at the end of the season.

29—Scott Wimmer and Jeff Burton—Chevrolet—Richard Childress Racing.

These two drivers and this car won the owners championship with five wins and 27 top ten finishes. I look for this car to have five wins. Three wins by Scott and two by Jeff. A top three in the owner points for sure with this car.

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