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January 15, 2008 5:53 PM

2008 Sprint Cup pre season driver review part 5...

In bold letters are car number, then the driver, model of car and finally the owner of the car.

31—Jeff Burton—Chevrolet—Richard Childress Racing

Finished eighth place in the points with one win in 2007. I think he might improve slightly in the points for 2008. He will pick up a couple wins and finish 5th-7th place in the points.

38—David Gilliland—Ford—Robert Yates.

David Finished 28th in the points with 2 top ten finishes in 2007. I think he will improve a bit in the standings. He will have at least 3 top ten finishes and finish 24-27th place in the points.

41—Reed Sorenson—Dodge—Chip Gnassi

Finished 22nd in points with only 5 top ten finishes. I think he has a shot to steel a win in 2008, but do not really do much better than he did in the standings from 2007. He will get another 5 top ten finishes and finish 19-21st in the points.

42—Juan Pablo Montoya—Dodge—Chip Gnassi

Juan finished 20th in the points with one win. I think he gets another win on a road course and his first win on a non-road course in 2008. I do not think he is chase worthy but improves his place in the standings nicely. A 14-17th place in the standings for him at the end of the season.

43—Bobby Labonte—Dodge—Petty Enterprises

Bobby only had three top ten finishes, but finishes eighteenth in the points. I think he can squeeze out five top ten finishes, but does not translate to a better season for him. He will finish 18-21st place in the points in 2008.

44—Dale Jarrett—Toyota—Michael Waltrip Racing

Dale Jarrett drives in six races where he will use at least the past champions provisional at least 3 times in 2008. He will drive the first five and the All-Star race. No better than a 30th place finish for him.

45—Kyle Petty—Dodge—Petty Enterprises

Had 29 starts in 2007, but got lucky and had one top five finish. I think he gets at least 29 starts in 2008. Gets another break and another top ten finish, but will be fighting all season long to stay above 35th place in the points. He will finish 34-36th place in the points at the end of the season.

48—Jimmy Johnson—Chevrolet—Rick Hendrick Motorsports

Come back in 2008 as the NASCAR champ. He racked up 10 wins last season with a massive four win in a row streak. I think he can easily pick up five or more wins in 2008, but will not win the championship. At least 20 top ten finishes for him though. I think he will get second to fifth place in the standings.

49—John Andretti—Dodge—Bam Racing

Drove a bunch of races late in the season for this team. He only had 15 starts in 2007 with a best finish of 18th. The 49 car though only had 18 starts in 2007 with no top ten finishes. I expect this car to get around 20 starts in 2008 and no better than 40th place in the points at the end of the year.

JANUARY 22 2008 UPDATE: Looks like John Andretti will not be in the car in 2008, but no matter who is in the car it not do better than 40th place in the points.

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