The Pit Stop

January 31, 2008 6:05 PM

Braun Racing News....

Haas Avocados is going sponsor the #32 Nationwide car for at least seven races this year.

Denny Hamlin is going to get the #32 car Nationwide car at the Daytona 300, Talladega, Chicago, Homestead, Dover, New Hampshire, and Texas.  Kyle Bush will get the car at Richmond, and in March at Bristol.  No info on what races they will be driving in that have Dollar General as the primary sponsor.

In other news:

Daytona officials says that all the grandstand seats have been sold out and that it is the earliest that it has ever occurred.

If you are watching the Superbowl this weekend look out for Dale Earnhardt Jr. in an AMP energy drink ad, and Carl Edwards in a 60 second Under Armor ad.

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