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January 27, 2008 10:41 AM

Jacques Villeneuve and Nationwide Series News....

Craig Pollock and Jacques Villeneuve have now split. Craig was the manager of Jacques NASCAR career.

I was sent in this link on what the Nationwide company is going to do for the Nationwide Series. It includes some info one the Fantasy game they are going to have.

Also sent to me was text from an interview with John Aman from Nationwide Insurance that was conducted this week:

Q. Is it tough following in the footsteps of Anheuser-Busch?

A. Anheuser-Busch created an outstanding tradition as long-time sponsor of this series. We understand that we have some big shoes to fill and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to fans that we take the responsibility to carry on this proud tradition very seriously. We look forward to creating a tradition of our own.

We know that out of habit, it will be easy to refer to the series by its former name. Nationwide will be placing “name jars” at tracks, shops and other sites across the NASCAR community. Throughout the 2008 season, we’re asking folks to drop a dollar into the jar every time they let the old name slip. At the end of the season we’ll match the money collected and donate it to the NASCAR Foundation. We know we’re the new kid on the block, but we hope this will serve as a friendly reminder that the Nationwide Insurance is the new sponsor of the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Q. As a new sponsor, what can Nationwide Insurance bring to the NASCAR Nationwide Series?

A. We want to take the NASCAR Nationwide Series to the next level for fans. We look forward to working with NASCAR to make the Series more competitive and distinct from the Cup Series. We want to enhance the series’ ability to offer fans an opportunity to see some of their favorite drivers, while learning about and rooting for NASCAR’s next generation of stars. Most of all, we’ve committed to bringing the energy and resources necessary to make this happen.

Q. Can you share some details about what fans can look forward to from Nationwide Insurance?

A. In 2008, we’ll be focusing on new ways to change the perceptions and create an independent identity for the NASCAR Nationwide Series. That means offering more ways to draw fans into the NASCAR Nationwide Series experience at the track, on ESPN2 and on-line. Today we are excited to introduce some first steps that will begin to enhance the 2008 racing season for fans, drivers and teams.

We’ll introduce the ‘Up to Speed Challenge’, an exciting new “fantasy league” experience in partnership with ESPN, not previously available for the series. We’re also very pleased to announce that in 2008, Nationwide will make the largest sponsor contribution in series history to the NASCAR Nationwide Series points fund. We hope this will increase the level of competition and provide additional resources for NASCAR Nationwide Series teams. And of course we look forward to bringing the programs we already have in place at SMI tracks to other NASCAR venues. We’ll have more to share as the season progresses.

Q. How does the Up to Speed Challenge Work?

A. The Up to Speed Challenge is going to be a lot of fun for fans because it will provide a chance to experience NASCAR Nationwide Series racing action like never before. Each week fans can log on to to pick winning drivers in a series of “speed” categories. Throughout the season they will have a chance to earn points for a chance to win some truly incredible prizes.

One fan with the highest point total at the end of the season will win a $100,000 grand prize. Weekly winners will get some of the best seats at the track or autographed merchandise.

Fans should plan on logging onto before Daytona to test their smarts and get “Up to Speed” on their favorite NASCAR Nationwide Series drivers throughout the season. Additional details and complete official rules will be available soon at

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