The Pit Stop

January 21, 2008 5:50 PM

Major Rule Changes and Dario Franchitti News...

During the NASCAR Media Tour some new rule changes have been announced:

1) All Go-or-Go Home drivers in the Craftsman, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup series will now all qualify in a group at the end of the qualifying session.

2) Craftsman Truck series teams get 120 tires at non-sanctioned tests, 160 for the Nationwide series, and 200 for the Sprint Cup.

3) All fines racked up by drivers will go to the NASCAR Foundation.

4) Over-the-wall crews will be limited to three pit box lengths to push cars off of pit road and outside tires can no longer be free rolled to the pit box wall.

In other news:

Chip Gnassi now is looking to put up a patchwork of teams to together to be the primary sponsor for Dario Franchitti.

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