The Pit Stop

February 25, 2008 3:34 PM

Carl Edwards finally wins in California.

What a difference a day makes at the newly named Auto Club speedway. Yesterday it was a rainy mess with two red flags, one of which was for a major wreck that Casey Mears started at lap 21. Today it was a lot more speedy and caution light affair.

Racing picked up where they last left at lap 88 with Jimmy Johnson in the lead of the race who was doing the same thing Jeff Gordon was doing yesterday by jumping out to a huge lead. Around lap 123 it was the first green flag pit stops of the entire race. During this time Kurt Busch ran out of fuel putting him a lap down.

Then the first caution of the day comes out on lap 135 for Jeff Burton who hit the wall. This erased around a 5 second lead for Jimmy Johnson. Kyle Busch was able to beat out Jimmy Johnson and take the lead if the race.

Kyle Busch led the race until the next caution came at 150 for Michael Waltrip and his car that spins out in turn 2 bringing out the next caution. Matt Kenseth takes on two tires and takes the lead of the race.

With 92 laps left Jimmy Johnson made the pass on Matt Kenseth and takes the lead of the race. A couple more laps go by and Carl Edwards takes the lead.

With 83 laps to the next caution comes out. The leaders pitted and Jeff Gordon was able to get his car out first to take the lead of the race. The first laps he was leading today.

With 70 laps to go Carl Edwards was back in the lead of the race and starting to open up a nice lead on Jeff Gordon. With 55 laps to go the lead was over 4 seconds.

With 45 laps to go Kurt Busch stared the green flag pit stops. Carl finally came in with 40 laps to go. With 30 laps left Jeremy Mayfield spins out ending Carl and his few second lead over Jeff Gordon.

Jimmy Johnson was able to win the race off pit road by taking two tires. Jeff Gordon was able to come out second and Carl Edwards was able to come out fourth.

The green flag drops and Jeff Gordon made it two wide with Jimmy for the lead of the race, but it did not last long. Carl Edwards was moving up nicely and passed Jeff Gordon for second with 18 laps to go. With three more laps Carl Edwards was right beside Jimmy Johnson for the lead of the race.

With thirteen laps left Carl fully took the lead of the race. In three more laps he had a 1 second lead and then started to open it up beyond 2 seconds. On the final lap though Dale Jarrett crashes which freezes the field and then Carl Edwards passes the start finish line for the win. Also on the final lap Jeff Gordon and his car blew up.

“Very excited to be here,” said Carl Edwards. He stated that it looked like Jimmy was the guy to beat at the end of the race.

“We had a great car,” said Jimmy Johnson who finished in third place. He also stated that he wish he won the race today.

“We blew up,” said Jeff Gordon. “Carl Edwards was in another league.” He finished in third place.

In points Kyle Busch is the leader in points with Ryan Newman in second only six points back. At the end of this race Kyle also has the points lead in Truck series as well.

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