The Pit Stop

February 11, 2008 5:39 PM

Ratings, Tire Issues, Casey Mears news and more...

From a Fox PR they say that rating for the Budweiser Shootout have increased 6% from last year. In 2007 it scored a 4.8 rating and this year it scored a 5.1 rating.

Goodyear says that they found tires from the Budweiser Shootout that had blistering, but the problem is correctable.

NASCAR Officials now say that it was collision damage that caused the car of Casey Mears to not make it though post race inspection so he will not get a penalty.

At this point of time 53 drivers, 19 of them Sprint Cup regulars, are going to attempt to make it into the Camping World 300 race at Daytona this Saturday.

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