The Pit Stop

February 9, 2008 12:13 AM

Ricky Craven, COT, RCR news and more...

Things are getting heated over at Daytona as Tony Stewart hits Kurt Busch while pair was in the NASCAR hauler. Tony Stewart says that he is not mad at what happened out on the racetrack and does not want things to linger on with Kurt.

Robby Gordon on Friday wound up failing a car expection for having the wrong nose on his new car. He wound up getting the wrong shipment of noses from Gillett Evenham Motorsports which was a prototype nose not approved yet by NASCAR.  He could pick up some fines for this mistake.

From this link the COT car by Atlanta may get a front splitter change that would lengthen it to eight inches from six inches

Ricky Craven now says that he is willing to do a part time schedule if the fit is right.

Pinnacle Foods is going to be sponsoring Richard Childress Racing cars.

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