The Pit Stop

March 15, 2008 5:40 PM

Clint wins rain shortened race.

Bad weather caused an over 90 minute delay to the Sharpie Mini 300. Qualifying, due to bad weather, also got killed earlier in the day. This left Scott Wimmer as the poll sitter for the race. Goodyear is giving all the teams an extra set of tires for the race.

Clint Bowyer said that the first set of tires is going to wear a bit more then the other sets.

At lap 45 NASCAR is also going to throw out a competition yellow so all teams can check on tire wear, but before that two yellow flags came out. The first one came out on lap 4 for a Bobby Labonte. The second one came out on lap 13 as Martin Truex Jr. spins out; not being able to avoid the wreck was Kyle Busch who wound up getting some heavy damage. “60(Carl Edwards) was real loose," said Martin Truex Jr. “Track was real slick.” He also stated that this is a typical concrete when green.

After the competition yellow green flag racing went until a lap 61 caution for the spinning cars of Byran Clauson, and Kelly Bires. “I don’t really know,” said Bryan Clauson.

After the green flag dropped Steven Wallace got black-flagged for passing before the start finish line. Then Denny Hamlin winds up with a tire problem, he had been the leader for the early part of the race.

The next caution popped up at lap 94 for a Dario Franchitti spin. Leaders pit and at this point of time the teams started to talk about the rain coming. This finally led to a nice green flag run.

With around 20 laps to go before the half-way point of the race it was Clint Bowyer in the lead with Kasey Kahne making many attempts to take the lead of the race. 13 laps past the half-way point the yellow came out for rain.

Some of the drivers behind the leaders pitted for tires and fuel. At lap 171 the red flag came out to get the track dry enough to race again. Around 10 minutes go by and the track driers leave the track, cars get started, but the red flag comes out again for some more rain.

The rain kept getting worse and worse and then at 6:27 PM NASCAR finally called the race due to all the rain that was falling down.

“It’s awesome,” said Clint Bowyer on th win. “He(Kasey Kahne) had the faster car.”

In points this left Kevin Harvick in the lead in points. Clint Bowyer is second in points, only 49 points back, with Carl Edwards just one point behind him.

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