The Pit Stop

March 10, 2008 5:01 PM

Drivers and Goodyear respond to the bad tires...

More than just driver Tony Stewart said the tires were bad at Atlanta. Dale Jr. said that you could not run side by side.

For a big response from Goodyear click me.

I thought the racing was okay, just not enough side by side racing up front.

In other news....

On The Morning Driver Sirius Satellite radio show Slugger Labbe said the #27 is suspending operations due to funding problems.

Even Kyle Petty Is thinking of a points swap.  Also this link says that Richard Petty has struck a deal with some major investors.

Due to his ninth place finish Brian Vickers is at least locked into the sixth race of the season.

The overnight ratings for the Atlanta are up a whopping 19.1% to 5.6 which is up from the 4.7% rating last year.

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