The Pit Stop

March 17, 2008 5:05 PM

No more point swaps!!!

I do not like all this talk about point swaps.  We have both Michael Waltrip racing and Petty Enterprises all thinking about doing it now after the season has started. Bad, bad, bad…

I do not mind if a team does a point swap before the season starts. That is something I can live with.  When you start doing it after the first five races it is not morally right even if it fully NASCAR legal.

Getting into races is an important thing, but not this important. I also think any point swaps done now only hurts the integrity of NASCAR which is something that should never take place.

If a driver uses up all of his past champions provisionals like Dale Jarrett did in 2007 and he fails to make a race he does not deserve to race.  You should not have help from another teammate in a point swap to get you into the race.

I want NASCAR to outlaw this practice immediately during the regular season.  It is the best thing to do.

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