The Pit Stop

March 22, 2008 5:04 PM

Scott Wimmer wins in Nashville.

On a nice Easter weekend Nationwide Series went over to the Nashville area for the Pepsi 300.  Kyle Busch had the poll for the race today while Carl Edwards was going for his fourth win in a row and a guitar that goes to the winner.

Clint Bowyer said that you have to roll the car a little bit more.  “We had great cars up to this point,” said Mike Bliss.  “Struggling some with this Discount Tire Ford,” said David Ragan

Kyle Busch said we will see what we can get out of this car.

The first caution came out at lap nine for Brent Rowe who left a whole ton of oil out on the race track.  Green flag racing did not start again until lap 22.  Green flag racing continued until the second caution came out.  All the leaders came in ands Clint Bowyer got the lead of the race.

After the green flag dropped it was not long and Kyle Busch took the lead of the race back.  Then Clint Bowyer was able to get the lead of the race at lap 71.  Then Kyle Busch retook the lead of the race again on lap 100

Green flag racing continued with Kyle in the lead and then first green flag pit stops occurred around lap 123. Everyone pits and Kyle gets the lead of the race back.

With 70 laps to go the third caution of the day comes out for some debris.  The leaders pit and Kyle Busch beat out Clint Bowyer for the lead of the race.  This put cars very close to not making it on fuel if it went green flag all the way.

With around 63 laps left Kyle Busch spins and Clint Bowyer gets a tiny piece of it.  Kyle goes down into the grass and continues on.  The caution flag does not come out and Kyle Busch goes one lap down.  With 52 laps to go Clint passes Kyle again to put him two laps down.

With 50 laps left Clint Bowyer lead with Scott Wimmer in second place.  Around 25 laps to go and Scott Wimmer finally got around the lapped car of Kyle Busch to be right behind Clint Bowyer.  With 21 laps to go Scott Wimmer takes the lead of the race.

With 7 laps to go and David Reutimann gives up third to come in for fuel.   Jason Leffler gives up eighth place with six laps to go to come in for fuel.    The final lap comes and Scott Wimmer has enough fuel left in order to win the race.

Scott Wimmer said that Kyle was the class of the field today. He stated that he is going to give the guitar to his father.

“This is a special track for me,” said Clint Bowyer.  He said that Scott Wimmer was the best car on the last run and that Kyle got loose.  Clint finished in second.

“Another great car,” said Brad Keselowski. “It’s close,” he stated on getting his first win. Brad finished the race in fourth.

That was the kind of fuel mileage we were getting,” said David Reutimann who finished in ninth.  “Really, Really disappointed.”

“Stupid mistake by the drivers part,” said Kyle Busch.  He still was able to finish in 17th spot.

With Kevin Harvick not in the field today Clint Bowyer takes the lead in the points.  He is 11 points ahead of Carl Edwards.  David Reutimann is third 71 points back.

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