The Pit Stop

April 11, 2008 11:13 PM

Back to back wins for Kyle

Nationwide series drivers for the first time this year at night took to the racetrack for the Bashas' Supermarkets 200 at the Phoenix International Raceway. “Too tight in practice,” said Clint Bowyer.  The poll sitter Kyle Busch said that you needed a face racecar that you can keep it on the bottom for this track.

At the drop of the green flag it was a battle for the lead of the race by Brad Keslowski and Kyle Busch.  Brad won the battle at lap four, but then lost the battle to Kyle a few laps later.  In a few laps Kyle had a 1 second lead and by lap 25 it increased to almost 2 seconds.

The first caution of the night popped up at lap 33 fro John Young who smacked into the wall. All the lead lap cars pit.  Taking the lead off pit road was Jeff Burton with Kyle Busch coming out in third place.

At the drop of the green flag Kyle Busch shot out like a rocket and in under one lap was in the lead of the race, but at the end of the lap Jamie McMurray spins out and crashes his car.  “I just got wrecked,” said Jamie McMurray. “Had a pretty good car.”  He said that track position was important.

The green flag drops again an by lap 60 Kyle has the lead up to 2 seconds again, but in three more the laps the caution came out for debris.  Kyle Busch stayed out while Jeff Burton and other came in for tires a fuel.  A horrible pit stop by Jeff Burton and his team put him back to seventeenth spot.

At the drop of the green flag the fresh tires won out as on lap 74 Carl Edwards passed Kyle for the lead of the race.  By lap 80 Jeff Burton was back in the top ten.

At lap 89 Jeff Burton hit the wall pretty hard, also at this time Denny Hamlin was leading the race.

At lap 104 the caution popped out for the spinning car of Steven Wallace with some help from Landon Cassill.  Most of the cars on the lead lap pit, but taking the lead of the race by not pitting was Brad Keslowski. His lead did not last long at the drop of the green flag as Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards fought over first place.

Kyle won the fight, but Carl was always making it two wide on various laps early in this green flag run.  This time though Kyle did not blast out any big leads quickly when he fully got the lead of the race.  With only 60 laps left he had around a 1.3 second lead, but in a couple laps lapped traffic killed his lead big time.

With 42 laps left Carl Edwards was able to get the lead of race from Kyle Edwards and then Carl started to bust out a 1 second lead.  With 30 to go it was up to 2 seconds.

With 22 laps to go cars on the lead lap were going to make final pit stops in a few laps, but a debris caution popped up. Kyle Busch was able to get the lead through the final pit stop with Carl Edwards in second.

The green flag dropped with 17 laps left and the caution quickly came out as Landon Cassill spins with help from Marcos Ambrose.With 12 laps left the green flag dropped again, but it only lasted a couple laps and then Jason Leffer brought out he caution as he spun out.

With only six laps left the green flag dropped again and Kyle Busch got a good restart.  It took two laps and it was side by side for the lead, but then with three laps to go Jeff Burton brings out the next caution and the green/white checker finish with Kyle in the lead of the race.

On the final restart both Carl and Kyle got a good restart, but Carl did not have enough time to take the lead of the race. The win makes two wins in a row for Kyle this season and two wins in a row for Kyle at this track.

Kyle Busch said it was a great night for us and that Carl was better after the fifth lap of green flag racing..

“Kyle did a great job,” said Carl Edwards.  “The last caution hurt us.”

In points Clint Bowyer still leads in the standings.  Carl was able to cut into his lead though and was able to chunk it down to 24 points.

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