The Pit Stop

April 1, 2008 4:23 PM

Major Petty Enterprise and Richard Childress Racing News....

The Big news today is that Richard Childress Racing is going to field a fourth car in 2009. The #33 car is going to have General Mills as a sponsor.  General Mills already sponsors the #43 Petty Enterprises car driven by Bobby Labonte and the sponsorship ends this year. The driver for the #33 has not been named yet.

My guess is that Medallion Finaancial is going to sponsor that car in 2009.

Also in Petty Enterprise news is that Kyle Petty is not going to drive this weekend at Texas and instead is going to let Chad McCumbee who subbed for him last season while he was on TNT race.

DLP TV has signed on to stay as the sponsor for the #96 car.  Rodger Staubach though is leaving the company.

On the Wind Tunnel program over on the Speed TV Network the CEO of Just Marketing International says that UPS still wants to stay in NASCAR, but is looking over the sponsor program they have.  They are looking for a driver that can win a  championship.

Cottonelle wants to introduce the 100 lap stretch  at NASCAR events.  This will be like the same thing that goes on in a baseball game.

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