The Pit Stop

April 20, 2008 5:06 PM

Three in a row for the Rowdy One...

Racers went south of the board for the only time this year at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack in Mexico City.  19-year-old Colin Braun was able to get his first ever poll in the Nationwide Series in three starts.

During the first 40 laps two cautions occurred that brought out the red flag.  The first one occurred for a lap three as Kertus Davis crashed leaving oil on the racetrack.  The next red flag came out on lap 40 for Michelle Jordain Jr.  Michelle crashed hard into the back of car after the green flag dropped again for the third time.  He also dropped oil all over track.

Kyle Busch was the leader of the race at this time and when the race finally got back to green flag racing he did not pit until lap 56.  That gave Carl Edwards the lead of the race.

With 32 laps to go the fourth caution of the day occurred.  It first started with a Jason Keller spin and then later on both the cars of Adrian Fernandez and Sam Hornish Jr. crash together.  This finally got Carl Edwards to pit.  This got Scott Pruett into the lead of the race.

When racing went back to green it quickly went back to yellow down around turns one and two for a mess load of cars slowing down and dust flying everywhere.

With 26 laps to go the green flag dropped again, but it did not last long at all.  Brois Said who had been off the racetrack multiple times including a massive save on lap 10 crashed out of the race with some help from Marcos Ambrose.   “Marcos Ambrose got into my left rear,” said Boris.

With 23 laps left the green flag dropped again and this was a much cleaner restart, but in under one lap both the cars of David Ragan and Brad Coleman both spin out and do not bring out the caution.  I a couple of lap a hard charging Kyle Busch was able to move up to the top three and Carl Edwards made it back to the top 10.

With 18 laps to go and Colin Braun has a flat tire that helps bring out the caution.  This killed a big lead that Scott Pruett had. The green flag drops with 15 laps to go and Kyle Busch tried to make a pass for the lead of the race, but could not do it.

At the end of the 13 to go lap Carl Edwards was finally able to get his car into fourth place.  Carl then started to hunt down Marcos Ambrose in third.  With 11 laps to go Scott was finally putting a small amount of distance between him and Kyle.

His small lead did not last long and Kyle Busch finally got the lead again with 9 laps left. In turn one with six laps to go going into turn one Marcos Ambrose went low to take over second place from Scott Pruett.  Carl Edwards though took off most of the rear bumper of Scott’s car.

Marcos did his best to catch up, but could not do it and Kyle Busch takes his third Nationwide series race in a row.

Kyle Busch said that it was a “Fantastic Job” by the Joe Gibbs team.

Marcos said that he was sorry to Boris for taking him out and he said that if he had two more laps he would have passed Kyle.

“Struggled with the setup”, said Scott Pruett who finished third.  He also stated that his tires were too used up in the end.

Carl Edwards who finished in fourth said that for two weeks in a row that he had a car that could win the race.

Clint Bowyer and his lead now shrinks down to nine points with Carl Edwards in second place.  Kyle Busch though is only 66 points back in third place.

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