The Pit Stop

April 13, 2008 10:30 AM

Why should a baseball game come first?????

This blogger/journalist is not one that watches a whole lot of baseball on cable TV, but NASCAR should have never delayed the start of the race due to some baseball game.

I do not care if it was the Yankees vs. The Red Sox which is a major early season game by teams that have one major rivalry going on. NASCAR is not that low of a sport, it gets the highest ratings on a weekly basis of any racing series.

When they went back to baseball coverage the FX network was airing the end to the same game. It was not like you did have nowhere on TV to watch the end to this event.

At least the PA announcer at the racetrack told the fans why they had this real lame-o delay. That had to be done.

I could see the Fox network airing a couple minutes of the baseball game and tell them to move over to the FX network to finish the game. They would have been back well before the regular start time to the race.

At the drop of the green flag it took only four laps of racing before the final out occurred.If a home run tied the game how long could the game have gone???

I am only talking about 16 minutes, but I think they are very important minutes to this NASCAR fan.

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