The Pit Stop

May 19, 2008 4:30 PM

Age limit, Nationwide Series news and more....

New sources are saying that Aflac is in the drivers seat to becoming the primary sponsor for Carl Edwards next year.

This Roanoke times link at the bottom says that Joe Gibbs used its own motors for the All-Star race as a test since the event was not for points.  They are going back to Toyota motors next week.

The link also says that the 18 year age limit is not going to get changed for 2009 as well.

Some Nationwide series teams have back-up drivers in place for testing for the June 6-8th period. Jason Hedlesky will be in for Carl Edwards, Auggie Vidovich will be in for David Ragan, Casey Atwood will be in for Greg Biffle.

R3 Motorsports is going to attempt to qualify for the Saturday night race this weekend with with Robert Richardson Jr. as driver. They want to attempt to drive around 9 Nationwide races this year.

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