The Pit Stop

May 19, 2008 4:50 PM

I say NO to Dale Jr. and his idea....

of moving his JR Motorsports team to the Sprint Cup level.  This link also throws out the idea that Tony Stewart would be a driver of one the JR Motorsports teams.

If this was to occur he would own a Sprint Cup team while racing for another which is not new in this sport.

Even if the costs for the Sprint Cup and Nationwide series become the same as Dale Jr. says it could his move will hurt the Nationwide Series big time.  They need top of the line Nationwide series teams and he is one of them with driver Brad Keselowski.

Sponsorship dollars in the both the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series are hard to come by now as is.  If he got Tony Stewart as a driver it can bring a quality sponsor, but you need more than just Hendrick power and a quality sponsor to win races.

This is a bad move and bad idea from start to finish.

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