The Pit Stop

May 25, 2008 9:33 PM

Kasey is tops at the Coca-Cola 600.

The Sprint Cup cars are racing 600 miles in the longest event of the season at the Coca-Cola 600.  Kyle Busch keeps his hot season going with the poll for the race.

Jimmie Johnson said that track position is important.  Dale Jr. stated that that track is going to be “slick today”.  Kyle Busch said that we should be all right today.

At the drop of the green flag, green flag racing occurred through the first set of green flag pit stops.  During this time Kyle Busch led the first 34 laps and then Brian Vickers took the lead of the race.  Around the same time Kyle said he could be having an alternator problem.  At lap 47 Jimmie Johnson got the lead of the race and then green flag pit stops started to occur around lap 50.  The first caution finally came out on lap 62 as Robby Gordon hit the wall.

Most of the leaders pit and this led to an even longer green flag run.  At the drop of the green flag Kurt Bush got the lead of the race very quickly and led until green flag pit stops started to occur around lap 107.  During the green flag stop Dale Earnhardt Jr. had some tire problems giving him a slow pit stop.

After the green flag stops occurred green racing continued and both Greg Biffle on lap 150 and Kyle Busch on lap 150 came in early for fresh tires.  The caution finally came out on lap 161 as Kurt Busch who was in second place hit the wall.  That helped most of the field from making another round of green flag pit stops.

Leaders pit and Brain Vickers took the lead of the race.  The green flag drops and it was not long before the caution comes out as Juan Pablo Montoya took a major grass ride around the start/finish line on lap 167.

The next caution flew on lap 184 for Brian Vickers who smashed hard into the wall sending a tire right into the infield.  He led 61 laps at the time of the wreck and was in the top five at the time.  “Had such a fast car,” said Brian.

After pit stops occurred Dale Jr. was in the lead of the race, but after the green flag dropped the caution quickly came out as Michael McDowell spins out.  Green flag racing then continued until lap 223 for the first debris caution of the night to pop out.

Elliott Sadler takes the lead off pit road as he only goes for two tires, but lost in very quickly to Dale Jr. after the green flag dropped.  Green flag racing continued until lap 243 and then J.J. Yeley spins out.

This finally led to a long green flag run that lasted until lap 296 as the leader of the race Dale Jr. blows a tire and J.J. Yeley winds up hitting him as well. Kyle Busch wound up getting a penalty sending him to the back for stopping early and replacing the car battery.

Tony Stewart got the lead of the race and kept it during the pit stop.

At the drop of the green flag Tony Stewart gets a slow start which winds up causing a chain reaction mess behind him damaging the cars of Martin Truex Jr. and Carl Edwards.  Denny Hamlin winds up spinning out.

After the green flag drops again it was not long and with 88 laps to go Kasey Kahne took the lead of the race again and then started to break out to a 2 second lead. He lead went to junk as Patrick Carpentier spins out with 71 laps to go.

Jimmie Johnson takes fuel only to lead the race.  Dale Jr. winds up with a penalty for having a tire outside of the pit box.  Green flag racing hardly occurs as the caution quickly comes out for debris out on the racetrack.

The green flag drops and Kasey Kahne takes over second place with 60 laps to go.  Two laps go by and Kyle Busch takes over the second place spot.  Four more laps go by and Kyle takes the lead over Jimmie Johnson.

With 51 laps to go and Jimmie Johnson and his motor starts having problems.   “I’m not sure what went on,” said Jimmie Johnson.

With 39 laps to go and Kasey Kahne clawed his way back into the lead of the race over Kyle Busch.  At the 20 go mark it was still Kasey in the lead with Tony Stewart in second.

With 17 laps to go and the leader comes in for fuel only.  This put Tony Stewart in the lead of the race until he stopped with 13 laps left.  That put Kyle Busch in the lead for only one lap.  Then Jeff Burton led one lap and then Matt Kensett led a lap.  This put Denny Hamlin in the lead for one lap which put Dave Blaney in the lead of the race.  It only lasted a few laps and Tony Stewart regained the lead of the race.

With three laps to go Tony Stewart hits the wall and does not bring out the caution and then in one more lap Denny Hamlin winds up with a tire issue.  Kahne takes the lead of the race with Carl Edwards trying to go all the way without making a late fuel stop.  On the final lap Carl runs out of fuel and wound up finishing in ninth.

“Car was great all night long,” said Kasey Kahne. “It’s a big night.”

“Long night,” said Greg Biffle.  He also said that he needed like an extra 50 laps.

Kyle Bush said it was an alternator problem or something.  He finished in third place.

Jeff Gordon said it was interesting racing Dale Jr. and Carl Edwards who were saving fuel.  He finished the race in fourth.

“Saved gas at the end,” said Dale Jr. who finished fifth.

Kyle Busch now leads Jeff Burton by 94 points and Dale Jr. who is third in points by 139 points.

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