The Pit Stop

May 9, 2008 9:14 PM

No one can stop the 20 car.

Nationwide series drivers take to the track on the newly paved Darlington Raceway for the Diamond Hill Plywood 200.  The qualifying record got smashed as Carl Edwards took the poll with a speed 176.994 MPH, some 6.5 MPH faster than the previous record.

“It’s gonna be really fast,” said Jeff Burton on the race tonight.

“I think it will race good,” said Mark Martin.  He also said he does not think it would win.

“Its got a ton of grip,” said Clint Bowyer. He also said he car was fast.

“We’re definitely one of the guys to contend with tonight,” said Tony Stewart.

Camping World Chevrolet has not been that great said Kevin Harvick.

At the drop of the green flag it did not take long for the cars to get the Darlington Stripe as Carl Edwards hits the wall on lap one and then in a couple of laps ends up blowing a tire and smashing into the wall to bring out the first caution of the night.

“The first time was defiantly my fault,” said Carl Edwards on the wreck.  “That was a bad mistake.”

The next car to spin out was Brad Keselowski on lap nine. It was a single car wreck. At the drop of the green flag again Tony Stewart on the low side was able to pass Clint Bowyer for the lead of the race.  By lap 30 he had an over 2 second lead over the second place car.

Clint Bowyer at this time was fading back while Kyle Busch was able to take over second place.  At lap 53 the first green flag pit stops occurred while Kyle Busch closed up right behind Tony Stewart for the lead of the race.

Then in a couple laps he had the lead of the race until he made his pit stop on lap 60.  At lap 65 Tony Stewart took the lead of the race again.

At lap 75 the third caution of the night finally came out for the spinning car of Stanton Barrett. At this time only 16 cars were left on the lead lap.  Some of the cars on the lead lap come in for tires and fuel.

A couple laps into green flag racing and Jeff Burton hits the wall hard, but does not bring out the caution.  In a couple more laps though with some help by Kertus Davis, Derrike Cope winds up spinning out and crashing into the wall.  This brought the leaders in and Matt Kenseth wound up with the lead of the race while Tony Stewart got shuffled all the way back to ninth.

With 46 laps left Kyle Busch was the next victim to bring out the caution. Kyle Busch stated that it was hard to pass cars.

After the green flag dropped Tony Stewart was finally able to move up and made to third place with 34 laps left and in a couple more laps made it into second place.  Tony then started to real him in pretty quickly, but with 27 laps to go and Matt Kenseth makes an unscheduled pit stop to replace all his tires.

With 20 laps left he has just about a one second lead over Mark Martin, but in one lap the caution comes out for Matt Kenseth who smacked the wall hard.  This caution brought out the first red flag of the night.

Matt Kenseth stated that he was driving it too hard.

At the drop of the green flag Tony Stewart was able to get a half second lead over Mark Martin, but with 10 laps left David Ragan smashed it hard into the wall.

With only three laps left, the green flag hardly drops and Mark Martin and what little fuel in his car does not pick up and causes a wreck with Kelly Bires, Mike Wallace, and Mike Bliss.  This one also brought out the red flag.  “I didn’t have a clue,” said Mark Martin on fuel problems. “It was a very fine race car.”  He also said that he did not have anything for Tony Stewart and that he thought he saved a lot of gas.

At the drop of the green no cars had problems with gas.  Tony got a good restart and takes his first win at Darlington.

“We are the most blessed team,” said Dave Rodgers who is the crew chief for Tony Stewart.

“Its been such a honor,” said Tony Stewart.  He also stated that he was much better today than yesterday.

Clint Bowyer he just didn’t have anything for the long runs who finished seciond

“We had a great Aaron’s dream machine,” said David Reutimann.  David finished third.

“It was a great night,” said Todd Bodine who finished fourth.

Due to bad finishes by Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards they took a massive drop behind Clint Bowyer for the lead in the points.  Kyle Busch is 112 back, while Carl Edwards is 150 points back.

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