The Pit Stop

June 30, 2008 4:46 PM

Gas Prices, Aric Almirola news and more....

Reuters with an article out on high gas prices hurting NASCAR fans.

ESPN has up a 7 minute video from the Sunday Outside The Lines show they produce looking at the high cost for a NASCAR team.  It is one piece of the 30 minute show.

David Newton says that on Tuesday we are going to have an official announcement that Aric Almirola is going to be the full time rider of the 8 car in 09.

Hunt Brother Pizza has extended a sponsorship deal with  HAAS CNC racing.  For the next race at Daytona #66 car driven by Scott Riggs the company is going to be a primary sponsor.

On The SPEED Report TV show Ray Dunlap says that Kobalt Tools may wind up being the sponsor for the Craftsman Truck series.

Randy Moss Motorsports is going to be racing for the first time this season on July 19 at Kentucky Speedway with the #81 car.  That is also his jersey number for the NFL team he plays for.

Bruton Smith is looking to add an IRL race for the New Hampshire track.

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