The Pit Stop

June 12, 2008 4:20 PM

Some thoughts heading into the weekend....

I will leave it up to the courts to decide if Maurcia Grant is telling the truth or not, but the size of this lawsuit is just too much for me imo and for her to just not report it while she was a NASCAR employee just makes me feel at this point of time she is not telling the truth.

The things she is alleging are big time things though and will certainly give NASCAR some major problems if true.

I think it will be settled out of court before it gets to a trial though.

This case does have a big to do with the diversity problem that NASCAR has, something NASCAR will not be able to fully solve. When it comes to minority drivers in NASCAR they have very few of them.  Aric Almirola, Dario Franchitti, and Juan Pablo Montoya come to mind.  Bill Lester used to drive in NASCAR, but does not now.


I do not mind that Kyle Busch is looking like he wants to be in every single race possible in NASCAR’s top three divisions, but in the end it will catch up with him this year.  I feel he has a better shot at winning two series if he just focuses on two of them.

Just look at the last triple race weekend he had last weekend for Kyle Busch.  He finishes second in the Craftsman Truck series, twentieth in the Nationwide Series, and then dead last in the Sprint Cup series.  I feel this will continue to happen with this driver.

He may be physically strong to this all season long, but he is not mentally ready for it.

He also has to come out and 100% say if he is going full time in any of the other two series as well.


The move by Petty Enterprises to Boston Ventures is a good move for a team that really needs a cash infusion.  I really not a fan of these kinds of moves though, but it really does show that the costs to compete in NASCAR are growing big time.

It will take a couple years before they really see major improvement, but this will certainly boost the chances a Petty Enterprise car gets a top ten finish and certainly help in the hiring of new people that work on the cars.

Bobby Labonte is still a quality driver that has showcased a bunch of quality finishes this year and resigning him is a great move.  They really need to move Chad McCumbee as a full time driver as well in the 45 car though,Kyle Petty is past his prime as a racer and Chad is just was they need.  Chad is a quality truck series driver.

If they want to go to a third team they really need to get 45 and 43 cars up to snuff first.  Each team is very costly to run on a weekly basis.

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