The Pit Stop

July 13, 2008 12:48 AM

J.J. Yeley, Joey Logano news and more.... reports on what happened to J.J. Yeley and the car he was to drive on Saturday night.  The article says that the team uses a drink system that includes an ice bag and on the final inspection of the night somehow it was not in the car.  That is what caused them to wind up with the penality they got at the start of the race.  They are now fully cleard of any wrongdoing.

In a draft of what could be the new track testing rules, NASCAR says that each organization will get 24 test days, but can only use two cars per test.

Ryan Newman says that he has three driving opportunities outside of driving for Penske and one of them includes an ownership stake.

David Newton writes on Joey Logano and his chances that he will race in the #20 car next year.  Officials have not 100% said he is the driver fpor the #20 car next year, but they also didn't say anything to indicate otherwise.

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