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July 8, 2008 4:58 PM

Major Martin Truex Jr. Penality news and more...

The penalties are in for the Martin Truex Jr. team and they are not pretty at all.

  • Martin Truex Jr. winds up with a 150 point driver fine
  • Teresa Earnhardt gets a 150 point owner fine
  • Crew Chief Kevin Manion is gone for six races and put on probation until the end of the year.
  • Car chief  Gary Putnam is also gone for six races and also put on probation until the end of the year.
  • The team also picks up a 100 grand fine as well.

He was 88 points back of 12th place after the Daytona race.  He is now 236 points back which will 100% kill his chances for getting into the chase.

John Story from DEI releases this statement:

"We are still trying to understand how the car fit our templates multiple times at the shop, but we respect NASCAR's determination that one of our cars did not exactly conform to their template at the track," he said. "We have not decided if we will pursue our options to appeal. Under NASCAR's rules, we have 10 days to notify the sanctioning body of any appeal."

In other Martin Truex Jr. news Captain Thunder Racing says that Martin is close to signing a deal with DEI and that his new sponsor will the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Company. The link also says that with Mark Martin gone it frees up 8 million bucks.

Marty Smith says that DEI is not looking for a buyer at this point of time.   Yesterday it was reported that Teresa Earnhardt hired Bear Stearns for a sale of the company.

Central Florida News reports that a name change in 2009 could occur for the Budweiser shootout.

Navy will no longer be a sponsor for JR Motorsports in 2009. is going to sponsor both Yates cars this weekend for the Saturday night race.

ESPN says that the Saturday nith Nationwide series race racked up a 1.7 rating.

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