The Pit Stop

August 2, 2008 6:07 PM

An all-time first for the Nationwide Series.

Rain in Montreal caused for the time ever in a Nationwide Series for the cars to run with the rain tires.  Qualifying for the NAPA Auto Parts 200 race without any problems and Scott Preutt in the final group to go out took the poll for the race.

“Good all day in practice,” said Boris Said.

The first seven laps went off under the regular tires with Scott leading all the laps and Steve Wallace made up 27 spots on the field.  The rain then started to fall big time and a competition caution came out to get all cars on rain tires and put windshield wipers on.  It was only supposed to last a total of three minutes, but went on long as NASCAR decided it was ready to race on.

Under NASCAR rules though they get to decide when to go back to slicks unlike an F-1 race where it is left up to the teams to decide when to go back to slicks.

After a lengthy delay the cars went back out and after a bunch of yellow flag laps the cars finally got to go green flag racing on lap 14.

At the drop of the green flag in turn one it was Marcos on the low side getting the lead of the race from Scott Pruett.  Marcos then started to bust out into a big lead and the rain started to stop falling.

Laps at time were 30 seconds slower than at the start of the race.

The next caution came out on lap 21 for Justin Marks who slowed up big time and stalled his car out on the track.  Only a few cars come in for fresh rain tires.

The green flag dropped on lap 24, but at this time the rain came back again.  Marcos quickly busted out to a big lead again.  At lap 30 Max Papis who was in second at the time spins out into the grass and could not get his car started again.  This brought out the third caution of the day.

During this caution Carl Edwards was driving and cleaning the outside windshield with a squeegee.  The green flag drops again on lap 33 and it was Marcos getting another big lead.

At lap 38 Marcos goes off road, but was able to keep his lead over Jacques Villenueve. In the next couple of lap it was back up over 3 seconds again.  In three more laps Marcos pits, but winds up with a penalty for speeding getting into pit road.

This put Ron Fellows into the lead of the race who has a whopping a 40 second plus lead with 32 laps left.  Marcos even with his penalty had him in third spot.

At lap 46 the rain was falling so hard NASCAR has to through out the caution because drivers were saying that they could not see at all.  During the caution time Jacques Villenuve winds up getting some massive damage to the front of his car.  The next car to wind up with a problem was Joey Logano who wound up with an uncontrollable car and crashed into the wall.

“I just couldn’t see a thing,” said Jacques Villenuve on getting oil on his windshield.  “The driving is okay.”

This race went back to red at lap 48.  Patrick Carpentier said that he had a tough time seeing out of the right side due to the window being too foggy.

“Cool experiment,” said Boris.  He stated that you could drive in the rain like this at Watkins Glen, but not here due to the standing water.

After a few minutes of red flag time Ron Fellows picks up his fourth Nationwide Series win.  All his wins have been on road courses.

Marcos Ambrose said that he feels a little bit jinxed right now.  He finished in third spot.

“That is difficult,” said Ron Fellows.  “This was good fun.”

In points Clint Bowyer was only able to extend his lead over Brad Keselowki by around 10 points.

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