The Pit Stop

August 2, 2008 10:55 AM

Juan Pablo Comments, Casey Mears news, and more....

Goodyear is still looking for a reason as to why the tires blew at Indy.  The article says that Goodyear has called Indy on two possible fall dates for testing.

UPDATE: with an article saying that Goodyear had a conversation with NASCAR a few years ago on making a bigger tire for the COT type car.

ALSO:   Terry Blount writes that NASCAR and Goodyear are going to be conducting a tire test this fall. No info on who will be at this test.

Juan Pablo Montoya, a driver who withdrew from the 2005 US F-1 race at Indy, made comments on the tire situation.  He says NASCAR did better than F-1 did. out with an article on Stewart Haas racing.  Scott Riggs says that he is 99.99999 percent sure I won't be here next year

Martin Truex Jr. says that he is closer on saying where he will drive in 2009.

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