The Pit Stop

August 30, 2008 11:30 PM

Kyle dominates again.

On a hot day In California it was the right time for a Saturday night Nationwide Series race at the Auto Club Speedway.  Earlier in the day Kyle Busch was able to take the poll of the race and along side of him was Jeff Burton.

At the start of the race it was a quick fight for the lead of the race between Kyle Busch and Jeff Burton, but Kyle won the fight and busts out to a big lead.  By lap 10 it was already up around 3 seconds.

At lap 16 Scott Gaylord and his engine blows up, but was able to get his car on the bottom of the racetrack and no caution comes out.

By lap 20 Kyle had around a five second lead while Brad Keselowski was continuing to make his way up to the front of the field and Brian Vickers was marching his way up to second.

Brian Vickers moved into second place and then was faster than Kyle Busch and cutting into his lead big time and by lap 30 it was under 4 seconds.  In five more laps it was well under 3 seconds and only 23 cars were left on the lead lap.

At lap 40 David Ragan started the first of the green flag pit stops.  Kyle Busch gave up the lead on lap 41.  Brian Vickers wound up having to come down pit road again to replace a missing lug nut.

After Brad Keselowki led a lap he pitted and back in the lead of the race was Kyle Busch by around 9 seconds over Jeff Burton.  At this time only 18 cars were left on the lead lap.

At lap 50 even Carl Edwards in third place was 18 seconds backs of the leader.

The first caution of the night comes out on lap 56 for Brian Vickers who was spinning out.  At the time of the caution only 12 cars were on the lead lap excluding Brad Keselowski.

This caution brought in the leaders.  Kyle Busch led the cars off pit road.  Kelly Biers with some pit strategy came out second.

The green flag dropped and Kyle Busch checked out on the field.  Some four wide racing also occurred shuffling Brad Keselowski down to the second car one lap down.

At the halfway point Kyle had an almost 2-second lead over Carl Edwards.  A couple more laps the second caution comes out for debris and this put Brad Keselowski back onto the lead lap.

Leaders pit and Kyle Busch led cars off pit road again with Carl Edwards in second.  By lap 90 he had around 2.5 second lead over Carl.

With 45 laps left the lead was up to three seconds.  One lap later and the power to the engine on Brad Keselowski’s car went bad killing his champion hopes.

Around 30 laps left and cars started to make final pit stops of the night.  Kyle came in with 24 laps left.  After both Kyle and Carl pitted they wound up right next to each other in a short fight for the lead of the race, but Kyle won that fight.

With 20 laps left the lead was up almost 2 seconds, but the caution came out on the next lap for the spinning car of Chase Miller. Leaders stay out this time and do not pit.

The green flag dropped with 15 laps left and Kyle Busch got a good restart.  Jason Leffler wound up with a tire a rub that brought out the caution with 12 laps left.

With nine laps the green flag and Jeff Burton battled with Carl Edwards for second, but Carl won the fight quickly.   This helped Kyle build a nice lead to be the first Nationwide Series driver to win from the poll.  The caution flag did fly out again on the last lap thoug for the crashing car of Josh wise.

“This thing was flawless,” said Kyle Busch.

“Great points night,” said Carl Edwards.  He stated that no one could stop the 18 team.

In points Clint Bowyer busted out to a 204 point lead over Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski was 222 points back.

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