The Pit Stop

August 17, 2008 4:27 PM

Total domination by Roush.

Sprint Cup drivers got a Sunday race this time for the 3M Performance 400.  Last year the second Michigan race wound up being a Tuesday morning affair.  Winning the poll for the race was Brian Vickers for his first poll ever.

“We got a good car this weekend,” said Dale Jr.

At the drop of the green flag it was Jimmie Johnson taking the lead and then Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the lead at lap 8.  He kept the lead of the race until the first caution came out on lap 19 as Marcos Ambrose and his car blew up.

All the main leaders come in to pit for tires and fuel.  At the drop of the green flag Jimmie Johnson quickly took the lead of the race again and Carl Edwards was continuing to move his way up the field and on lap 28 he was seventh.

Around lap 43 Dale Jr. who was leading the race at the time was complaining of some heating problems.  By the 51st lap Brian Vickers took the lead of the race and a hot dog wrapper flew off Dale Jr. and his car solving some of heating problems.

Green flag pit stops started to occur around lap 64 and after all of them were done Dale Jr. took over the lead of the race.  Carl Edwards who was still super fast was able to get the lead of the race from Dale Jr. on lap 75.

The second caution finally comes out on lap 84.  Paul Menard got into the back of Ryan Newman who then smacked Dave Blaney who smacks hard into the wall and got into the air.

Cars on the lead lap pit and Carl Edwards wins the race off pit road. The green flag drops and in a few laps some four wide racing occurs on lap 91.  That quickly caused Jimmie Johnson to get hit from both Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart.  It blew a tire and then he went on lap down.

Six more laps go by damage from the lap 91 incident catches up to Jeff Gordon and he crashes his car.  Jeff Gordon said that he hated getting Jimmie Johnson involved and that the pit stops he had today were horrible.

Carl Edwards was able to keep the lead of the race off pit road.  Carl during this next long green flag run was able to break out into a 3 second plus lead.  At lap 136 Kasey Kahne and his engine gives up, he was able to get to pit road and put the car behind the wall.

“Something with the engine,” said Kasey Kahne.  He also stated that he rarely has engine problems.

At lap 138 green flag pit stops start occurring.  Carl Edwards had the lead after pit stops ended, but then Kyle Busch going super fast finally got to lead the race for the first time.

Kyle quickly busts out to a 2 second plus lead with only 50 laps left. In ten more laps he moves it up to around 6 seconds.  With 35 laps left a debris caution comes.

Leaders pit and Brian Vickers takes the lead of the race only taking two tires with Kyle Busch coming out in second.  The green flag drops with 31 laps to go and Kyle Busch quickly takes the lead of the race.

With 29 laps left Kurt Busch spins out, but the caution flag does not come out.  With 23 laps left a battle for the lead occurs with Carl and Kyle.  In a couple of laps another debris caution comes out.

Almost all the cars on the lead lap come in for fresh tires.  Dale Jr. stays outs to keep the lead of the race.  At the drop of the green flag Dale Jr. winds up hitting the wall causing some massive damage to his car.

That helped Carl Edwards take the lead of the race.  With 13 laps left the caution comes out for debris again.

The green flag drops with 10 laps left.  Carl Edwards was able to break out to a 1 plus second lead, but with six laps left Denny Hamlin and his car blows up.

At the drop of the final green flag it was Carl Edwards getting another good restart and taking the win the race.  All Roush cars were able to finish the race in the top ten.

“Guys did an unbelievable job,’ said Carl Edwards.

“Pretty much nothing,” said Kyle Busch on what he had for Carl Edwards.

“Worked out the best,” said David Ragan on the final few cautions.  He said it will not be easy to get in the chase.  David finished in third spot.

Greg Biffle who finished third said he wished he stayed out at the end.

“It was a struggle,” said Matt Kenseth who finished fifth.

In points Kyle Busch leads Carl Ewdwards by 222 points.  David Ragan though leaves Michigan tied with Clint Bowyer for 13th spot only 26 points away from 12th.

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