The Pit Stop

September 7, 2008 8:32 PM

Carl Edwards takes race 2 of the day...

The Nationwide Series finally gets to roll off this weekend after Tropical Storm Hanna ruined Friday night racing.  This is the second time this year that we had a day-night double header.  The last one was in California back in February. Nine drivers in the first race today are going to wind up doing an extra 250 more laps today.

On the poll due to owners points is Joey Logano with the Nationwide points leader Clint Bowyer also on the front row.

“I think so,” said Joey Logano on wining the race today.

“Hasn’t been much rest time,” said Denny Hamlin on running in his second race today.

“Feel like we got a good shot to win,” said David Ragan on his Nationwide Series car.

The first 29 laps of this race went green.  During this time Joey Logano lost the lead to Clint Bowyer.  Clint then led the race until the caution came out Danny Efland who spun out.  Leaders all came in for tires and fuel.

At the drop of the green flag it was Carl Edwards in the lead of the race, but Clint Bowyer was able to take the lead of the race again very quickly.  Green flag racing occurred until lap 54 and the caution came out for the spinning car of David Stremme.

This finally led to a long green flag run that lasted until lap 97 for the spinning car of Austin Dillon.  Clint Bowyer during this time was able to break out to a 2 second plus lead over Carl Edwards.

The leaders come on down for tires and fuel with Clint Bowyer leading cars off pit road and Joey Logano coming out in second.   At the drop of the green flag Denny Hamlin made a move to get into second place.

In a couple more laps David Reutimann hit the wall hard which helped bring out the next caution.

This lead to another long green flag run with Clint Bowyer in the lead.  Carl Edwards was able to pass Denny Hamlin for second place during this time.

With just under 100 laps to go in the race Carl Edwards was catching up Clint Bowyer.  With 90 laps the caution came out for Andrew Ranger who spun out with some help from Marcos Ambrose.

Leasers pit this time and Clint Bowyer was able to win the race off pit road again,. But Kevin Harvick this time was able win the race for second place.  The green flag drops and Clint Bowyer was able to bust out to a three second plus lead with 50 laps to go.

Then in a few laps Clint and his big lead went to junk with the spinning car of Josh Wise.  This brought in the leaders where Clint Bowyer led all call of pit road.  David Stremme stayed out on track to lead the race.  Kevin Harvick wound up with a commitment cone violation sending him to the back of the pack.

The green flag dropped with 33 laps left.  Clint Bowyer had to go to pass David Stemme.  Then a battle for the lead occurred with Carl Edwards.  On his second attempt Carl Edwards finally gets the lead of the race with 29 laps left.

Then with 25 laps left Jason Left spins out to bring out the caution.  The green flag dropped again with 21 laps left. Three more laps go by and Steven Wallace and Auistin Dillion get together.

At the drop of the green flag with 15 laps left Clint Bowyer tried to pass Scott Wimmer for second but could not do it.  Then with 12 laps left the debis caution came out from car parts falling off the Steven Wallace car.

At the drop of the final green flag it was blow out city for Carl Edwards as he goes on to finally win the race.  .

Carl Edwards said that he did not know that his car was going to be that good.  “Clint was doing such a great job.”

“Real tight at the end,” said Scott Wimmer.

“It got too loose,” said Clint Bowyer on his car at the end of the race.

“Something wrong with the geometry,” said Brad Keselowki on his car who finished 21st.

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