The Pit Stop

October 25, 2008 11:43 PM

Again I would like To Say That....

the go or go home drivers needs a second chance to qualify a car for the race.  It really stinks to see teams come out, mostly part time teams running only a race or two, only to see them not make a race due to rain.  Joey Logano has had awful luck this year trying to get into a race.

It certainly would not take a long time to qualify these cars and I think we will have a more legit 43 car field.  Practive is important, but qualifying is just as important.

With all of the rain outs we had this year, especially in the last few races, Jimmie Johnson has had the best pit stall on pit road.  A lot of people can have a big gripe about this.  I say why not have a draw for what pit stall you get, that will make things interesting, especially at tracks like Martinsville where qualifying matters. 

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