The Pit Stop

October 27, 2008 11:28 PM

Atlanta Thoughts.....

I thought the race was a bit boring until the final ten laps. Then it got really good.

I only thought that Jimmie Johnson would pick off only a few cars with a few laps left in the race, but he sliced and diced his way up to the front and finished second.

That certainly shows that no one will have wiggle room to win the championship this year, but Jimmie Johnson.

His tire strategy showed that more cars needed to come in for tires, but they must have liked track position more.

A. J. Allmendinger does great again in a GEM car.  He has showed more all season long in the #10 GEM than Reed Sorenson has in his Chip Gannasi Car. A.J. needs a full time ride pronto!!!

It really sucked to be Juan Pablo Montoya.  He had such a great car and then gets creamed by Clint Bowyer as he left the pits, then gets caught in a wreck putting him out of the race.  

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