The Pit Stop

October 6, 2008 4:56 PM

Some Talladega thoughts....

That had to be one of the most fun I have ever seen on a restrictor plate race in a long time.  So many different cars wound up leading a lap including Michael Waltrip in a banged up car.

We had two major red flag cautions which were amazing.

Too bad for Travis Kvapil, Kevin Harvick, and Dale Jr. though.  They all had cars worthy of the win.

I do not think they had a big tire problem this weekend, but a couple tires did explode big time though.

I really do feel that Regan Smith was forced down below the yellow line, but if he was at least half of the way from completing the pass of Tony Stewart NASCAR would have allowed the pass imo.  Reagn was hardly beside him when he went below the yellow line.

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