The Pit Stop

November 16, 2008 12:41 AM

Carl comes up short on championship, but wins race.

In the final race of the Nationwide Series season Carl Edwards got the best of Clint Bowyer in qualifying.  Carl starts the race in second while Clint was starting in 13th.   Clint can finish the race in 8th place and no matter what Carl does Clint is the champion.

Kyle Busch though was looking to break Sam Ard's win record of 10 races in one season.

Carl Edwards said that he thinks he has a car that could win the race.

The start of the race went long on the green flag laps.  Joey Logano took the lead of the race and kept it until Jeff Burton took the lead at lap 22.  Carl lost a couple of spots by this time, but he was moving back to the front.  By lap 22 Clint Bowyer also move up a couple of spots.

At lap 39 Carl Edwards finally got he lead of the race and then it was Clint Bowyer starting to lose a few positions.  At lap 51 it was green flag pit stops. At lap 57 it was time for Carl and Clint to come in for tires and fuel.

After all the pit stops ended it was Carl Edwards in the lead of the race with Clint Bowyer in 10th.  Then a few more laps go by and Michael Annet scrapes the wall hard enough to bring out the first caution of the day.  That caution brought in a few cars from the back of the lead lap in.

The green flag drops and then a battle for the lead occurs between Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch with Kyle Busch getting the lead by lap 76.  On the next lap it was Jeff Burton spinning out his car to bring out the caution.  "Overstep my bounds," said Jeff.

This caution brought in Clint and Carl.  Carl came out in 10th while Clint came out in 14th.  At the drop of the green flag Carl Edwards was moving up the field faster than Clint Bowyer. Then at lap 90 Michael Annet spins out to bring out the next caution.

The green flag dropped at lap 95 and a battle for the lead starts between Kyle Busch and Ryan Newman. At lap 99 Scott Lagasse Jr. hits the wall hard with some help from both Denny Hamlin and Steven Wallace.  "I have no idea what happened," said Scott.

This caution brought in most of the cars on the lead lap, but Kyle Busch stays out to lead the race.  Carl Edwards was first off pit road with Clint Bowyer out second.  That put them both in the top 5.

After a lengthy cleanup the green flag drops with 87 laps, but only lasted one lap as some debris fell off a car.  The green flag drops again and Kyle Busch got a good restart and he kept leading the race. With 56 laps left the caution comes out again for debris.

The leaders pit and Kyle Busch was able to win the race off pit road, Carl Edwards came out second with Clint Bowyer out in third.

The green flag drops with 51 laps to go.  One lap goes by and David Ragan hits the wall, but no caution comes out.  With 43 laps to go though the caution does come out David Ragan who does hit the wall again.  At the same time Bryan Clauson and his engine gave out.

The green flag drops and then in a couple of laps it was Carl Edwards passing Kyle Busch for the lead of the race with 34 laps to go.  Clint Bowyer was in fourth place this time then he dropped back to fifth in a few more laps.

With 15 laps left Denny Hamlin was real close to passing Clint Bowyer for fifth.  With 11 laps left Denny tried top make a move on Clint, but it did not work.  In a couple more laps though the caution came out due to Justin Allgaier hitting the wall.

Cars up front stay out.  The green flag drops with five laps left.  Kyle Busch tried some moves down low to take the lead, but could never get the lead of the race.  Clint Bowyer rotted in fifth spot to take home his first Nationwide Championship.

"That's a great win," said Carl Edwards.  He also said that it was no shame in giving a 100% effort to come in second and that he wishes that Clint Bowyer would come back for a full season.

Clint Bowyer said it feels really good to beat Carl.  "I was getting tight," Clint said on his car. He finished 21 points ahead of Carl for the championship.

"It was a lot of pressure," said Joey Logano. He was able to finish 10th and win the owners championship by 12 points.

Kyle Busch said that his car got tight really fast.  He finished the race in second place.

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