The Pit Stop

November 3, 2008 12:26 AM

On fumes Carl wins the race.

Jimmie Johnson was out to protect his big lead at the Dickies 500 in Texas.  Jeff Gordon had the poll for this race.  

"Very, very good race car," said Jimmie Johnson.  "We can beat him(Jimmie)," said Carl Edwards on winning the championship.

The green flag drops and we get a long green flag run By lap 17 Clint Bowyer made his way to the lead of the race.  Also moving up was David Reuttimann, Carl Edwards, and Juan Pablo Montoya.

At lap 49 David Reutimann had the lead of the race while Carl Edwards was in third place.  A couple more laps later and the first round of green flag stops start occurring.  After they cycle through Clint Bowyer is the leader, but looses the lead to Carl Edwards.  Than at lap 57 an oil line goes off the Reed Sorenson car to bring out the caution.

This only brought cars in the back of the lead lap in.  The green flag drops and we get a longer green flag run.  Carl Edwards kept on leading the race and put even more cars a lap down. At lap 96 Carl Edwards passed Jimmie Johnson and put him one lap down who was 29th at the time.  

Around lap 110 the second round of green flag stops occur and Carl Edwards keeps his lead after all the stops occur. He continues to lead until it goes away at lap 144 for a debris caution.

The leaders pit and Carl Edwards was able to keep the lead off pit road. This led to another massive long green flag run.  During this time Jimmie Johonson was able move up to the 22nd spot, but Carl kept putting more cars a lap down.  David Reutimann though was marching his way up the field again and was able to get back into second place.

At lap 200 another round of green flag stops start occurring.  By lap 220 Carl Edwards had a 7 second plus lead over David Reutimann.  At lap 230 only 14 cars were left on the lead lap.

The next caution finally drops for debris with 95 laps left and Carl lost an almost 10 second lead.  The leaders pit and it was Carl out in first with David Reutimann in second.  Jimmie Johnson came out in 20th.

The green flag drops, Kyle Busch quickly moves into second, and we get the shortest green flag run so far that last less than two laps.  Travis Kvapil winds up spinning out.  Also getting some damage was Marcos Ambrose.

This time we get a clean start and Carl Edwards breaks out quickly to a 1 second plus lead.  With 73 laps left David Gilliland hits and smashes out Juan Pablo Montoya.  The accident left Juan and his car stuck on pit road.  "Running high the lap before," said Juan Pablo Montoya.  He said that if he wanted to wreck David he would have done it.  

David Gilliland got a five lap reckless driving penalty for his actions and then gets parked for the rest of the race.  David said that he got a good run off the corner, but misjudged where he was.   

The leaders pit and Jamie McMurray with two tires leads cars off pit road with Carl Edwards coming out in seventh.  Clint Bowyer came out in second.

The green flag drops and Jamie moves out to a one second lead quickly.  Carl though starts to move up and Jimmie Johnson is also moving up, but still one lap down.

With 40 laps left Jamie was still beating Clint Bowyer by 1.5 seconds and Carl Edwards by almost 9 seconds.  With 30 laps left Jamie was loosing some of his lead and with 25 laps left Carl Chunked the lead to under seven seconds.

Matt Kenseth came in with 23 laps left. Martin Truex Jr. comes in two laps later.  Kyle Busch comes in one lap later.  A.J. Allmendinger winds up hitting the commitment cone and gets a penalty.  Mark Martin comes in with 17 to go and then the cars start coming in big time.

Jamie comes in with 13 laps left, Greg Biffle though comes in one lap later.  This left Carl Edwards back in the lead of the race who did not pit yet.  He had a 10 second lead at this time over Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. who also have not pit.  Dale Jr. comes in with four laps left, but his car winds up not starting.  Carl still does not pit and winds up having enough gas to win the race.

"We were very close," said Bob Osborne.

"Fuel mileage is big," said Carl Edwards.  "Really glad it worked out."

"We had a great car," Jamie McMurray.  He said that he thought no one could make it on fuel.

"Not the day we wanted," said Jimmie Johnson.  He also said that he just could not get where he wanted to get his lap back.

After the end of the race Carl Edwards only trailed Jimmie Johnson by 106 points.

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