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January 8, 2009 11:00 PM

First look at Nationwide Series Drivers.....

Note:  With the economy the way it is a whole load can change on information that I post.

03--Michael Annet--Germain Racing

Is expected to run full time in 2009 for Germain Racing in a Toyota and could even wind up using the owners points from the 7 car.  He had 8 starts in the truck series in 2008 where he did rack up a couple of top 10 finishes.  I say he completes the full season, but gets no wins.  He will be a surprise this season and rack up 15-20 top tens and finish 5-10th place in the points at the end of the year.

09--John Wes Tonley--RAB Racing

John was a limited driver in both the Nationwide and the Truck Series.  He is supposed to be full time with Zaxby's as a sponsor.  He will get around 15 top tens in 2009 and finish 7-12th place in the standings at the end of the season.

1--Mike Bliss--Phoenix Racing

Finished off a full 2008 season with 15 top five place finishes. He will be back for a full season in this car with sponsorship from Miccosukee Resort Gaming again.  I say he completes a full season of racing and pulls in a win.  He will get 15-18 top tens and finish 3-5th place in the points.

2--Clint Bowyer, Scott Pruett--Richard Childress.

He won the championship in 2008 but will not be full time.  I do not think other drivers will be in the car enough to make it a full season either.  I say Clint gets in at most 18 Nationwide Series races in 2009 and picks up a couple of wins with 14 top tens.  He will finish 17-22nd in the points.  Scott Pruett is rumored for the road course races.

6-David Ragan and Erik Darnell--Jack Roush

David Ragan had a full year of Nationwide series racing in 2008 where he picked up 21 top ten finishes. He will drive 20 races in 2009.  Erik will drive the other 15.  Erik completed a full season in the trick series where he fourth place in the points along with 1 win and 12 top ten place finishes. Discount Tire and Northern Tool will be sponsors this year.  David Ragan will get one win and 12 top tens and finish 15-12th place in the points.  Erik will also get one win and seven top tens and finish 25-30th place in the points.

7--Mike Wallace--Germain Racing

Mike finished the 2008 season eighth in points with 35 starts and eight top ten finishes. He is only going to be racing if he gets sponsorship.  I do not think he pulls in a full season.  I say pulls in a half a season at best and finishes no better than 20th place in the points.

11--Scott Lagasse Jr.--CJM Racing

Was only a part time driver in 2007 with a best finish of 13th place.  Will have America's Incredible Pizza Delivery as sponsor and move over to Toyota.  I say he is a bit of a surprise in the 2009 season.  He will get around 10-12 top ten place finishes and finish around 10th place in the points.

18--Kyle Busch--Joe Gibbs Racing

This driver is expected to run a full Nationwide Series season as long as it has full sponsorship.  In 2008 he picked off 10 wins in only 30 starts.  The 18 car though was only in 22 races in 2008, but also had 10 wins.  Will have the Z-Line company as a sponsor for most of the year.  I say he completes a full season of racing and pulls in seven wins and no more than 20 tops tens onto a second place finish in the points.

20--Joey Logano, Brad Coleman, Denny Hamlin--Joe Gibbs Racing

Was a split team car in 2008 that finished a full season of year with the owner's title and nine wins.  Brad will be in the car in the stand-alone races.  Joey had 19 Nationwide Series starts along with one win and 14 top ten finishes and will be back with Gamestop sponsorship.  Denny also had 19 starts, but picked up four wins.  Brad Coleman had 24 Nationwide Series starts in 2008, but only 2 top tens.  Joey will get 24 starts and five wins in 2009, at least 15 top tens and finish 15-18th place in the points.  I say Brad gets one or two top twenty finishes in the races that he runs.  Denny Hamlin gets nothing but top tens in the car in the few races that he runs.

Note:  Up next in a day or two will be my first look at the Sprint Cup drivers.

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